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Scott Sevener


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Congratulations! ssevener only swore a total number of 21 times in the tweets that were analysed. Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!

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The Girl Who Needs to Stop fucking With Things or She's Gonna Get Herself Killed... #books

01:46 AM - 21 Dec 2015

@rickiep00h Exactly. Like Momma always said, there's a time and a fuck for everything!

10:38 PM - 7 Dec 2015

I'm going to be SO SO HAPPY when this fuck of a project is finally over. #bamboo4life

11:27 PM - 26 Oct 2015

When will Nintendo learn that suing its biggest fans is fucking retarded??? ( #pokemon #PAX

10:19 PM - 4 Oct 2015

And I like to think of myself as a pretty liberal Internet user, but posting pictures of murder victims is pretty fucked up, isn't it???

03:42 AM - 18 Sep 2015

You remember - Han Solo ... from Star Wars? He had this really bitchin' van...

11:20 PM - 19 Dec 2015

Watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown ... how come nobody has ever pulled Lucy aside and told her to stop being such a bitch ???

01:36 AM - 1 Nov 2015

Who ever thought this was a good idea? Errr, the fake shooting part, not the farting dildo part... (

03:47 AM - 13 Dec 2015

Not-so-coincidentally, we've been somewhat concerned about Christopher's first word being shit for months. Hey, it's fun to sound out!

07:06 PM - 7 Dec 2015

@rickiep00h This sounds like some Men in Black-type shit that you should definitely be concerned about.

03:12 PM - 3 Dec 2015

Captain America: Civil War trailer ... OH shit !!! (

09:00 PM - 25 Nov 2015

It scares me how much the small town midwest really believes that they're NOT racist/sexist/homophobic with some of the shit they say.

08:31 PM - 12 Nov 2015

Man up and tell them to move their foot! Don't take a picture with your phone to share with 100,000 strangers like a chicken shit ...

04:21 AM - 27 Oct 2015

"A few days ago we sent you a survey. Now we're going to hound the shit out of you until you give us a negative score out of spite."

05:31 PM - 25 Sep 2015

Dear Every shitty News Website in the World - If you insist on setting your videos to autoplay, can you maybe stick to only one per post?!

10:17 PM - 21 Jul 2015

Actually, I'd have stayed in the air conditioned control room and delegated more, but you go girl - wade through that dino shit in heels!

02:25 AM - 16 Jul 2015

Sorry, but if my options were high heels or bare feet, I'd have kept the heels, too ... the dinosaurs shit out there!!!

02:22 AM - 16 Jul 2015

Every kid who isn't mine is a total asshole . #parenting

08:55 PM - 6 Dec 2015

They're not exactly the NY Times or even Wikileaks ... any asshole can type up a list of racist-ish folks they'd like to cause trouble for.

01:26 AM - 6 Nov 2015

Ok, so THIS is getting really frustrating - wtf is wrong with Chrome in my second display???

09:33 PM - 18 Oct 2015

That said, apparently the female right whale is kind of a slut and will mate with 5-6 males in a row. #whalesex

01:27 AM - 28 Aug 2015