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Have you been good this year, or will your potty mouth on Twitter leave you with lump of coal in your stocking on Christmas day? It’s time to find out!

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Social Santa 2022
This time it's bigger and better than ever!

This is the 9th year running Social Santa. Since 2013 the app has been used by millions of Twitter accounts all over the world. This December we decided to give the app a facelift. It should be quicker and better than ever. Let us know if you have any problems on @10yetis or @ddarrko.

Once you’ve signed in with Twitter, our magical digital elves will use their tech wizardry to look back through the last thousand or so tweets you’ve posted. Yep, even the embarrassing ones and the drunken late night rants about reality TV shows.

We’ll check all of your tweets to see how many times, if any, you’ve used *naughty* words. A score will be calculated based on the frequency of your obscene language outbursts, which will determine whether or not you’re set to be on Santa’s nice list, or his naughty one.

In true festive spirit, we promise never to automatically tweet from your account and we will never, ever store any of the Twitter details you use to log-in to Social Santa. We will only ever keep a record of the number of times you ‘did a swear’ once you’ve generated your results.

If you want to see how your potty mouth compares to others, or see what outrageous language you could aspire to use one day, you can check out the best and worst Twitter users and click through to their profiles if you so wish. Who knows, maybe you could become friends and share in your love of colourful, despicable language. Just don’t expect any decent gifts from the big man in the North Pole.